Session Changes Due to COVID-19

During the current coronavirus pandemic, I am limiting real estate sessions to unoccupied properties only. I will also be taking all reasonable safety measures to ensure my presence is as sterile as possible, including wearing a mask, gloves, and shoe coverings while on site and observing social distancing and maintaining contact-less interactions with agents and property owners. (Contact me for details)

Why Choose Real Estate Photography Services from Tim Yeager Photography?

Save Time and Effort
Get Professional Results
Sell Faster
Show Clients You Care

DIY Cellphone Pics vs. Professional Photography
See the Difference!

Cellphone Pic

  • Uneven or poor lighting, spaces look dark/dingy 

  • Limited field of view loses scale and misses key features

  • If you want pics to “look right,” you have to get the right angle, in the right light, take time and effort to fix them yourself, but even then images can still lack polish and detail

  • Listing may appear thrown together and risks turning off potential buyers 

Professional Photography

  • Controlled lighting, spaces look bright/vibrant 

  • Variety of lenses and equipment preserve scale and capture every feature

  • Professional experience in composition, lighting, and digital processing produces images with that high-end look 

  • Creates a listing that wows your clients and grabs potential buyers’ attention!


For quality, value, and convenience, nothing beats Professional Real Estate Photography!


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Whether it's a diamond in the rough or a well-staged estate, I'll highlight the best your listing has to offer with showcase views that will have potential buyers feeling right at home!


— Real Estate sessions start at $125 for up to 2000 Sq Ft —

— Custom options are available —

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